Sustainability | Vancouver

Building for Community and Our Future

A plan designed to align with sustainability and city goals

Aligned with best practices to reduce the life-cycle environmental footprint of the project, increase climate resilience, and enhance quality of life.

Green Mobility Hub

The arrival of SkyTrain connectivity at 674 Granville established the beginnings of a crucial downtown transport hub. Our plan supports and extends this vision through extensive bike parking and covered walkways joining Granville Street, the Granville SkyTrain station, Seymour Street, Georgia Street, and Pacific Centre.

Green mobility hub

Aligned with the City’s Needs

This project meets the low emissions green buildings target of the city’s Green Buildings Policy for Rezoning and will comply with the 2018 Rezoning Policy for Sustainable Large Developments. The transit-oriented components of the building address objectives in Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan and Transport 2040 directive.

Citys needs

High-Performance Envelope

Our plans for the Bay Building are focused around a “high-performance envelope.” Composed of a high-performance triple-glazed curtain wall that acts as a warm winter jacket, the building will balance energy efficiency with the ability to create stunning views and let in ample daylight.

Fit for future

Passive Design Strategies

Fixed exterior solar shades on the south, east, and west facades will limit solar heat gains in the summer while allowing passive heat gains, when favourable, in the winter.

Passive Design Strategies

Zero Combustion, Low Emissions

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Bay Building will have no combustion on site. All heating, cooling, and hot water will be generated from electric sources, taking advantage of Vancouver’s low-carbon hydroelectric capacity.

No Combustion

Biophilic Human Experience

Native flora and landscaping woven through the project create a human connection to the West Coast’s natural environment, and the large roof garden will be planted with natural species to create new habitats and connect the site back to our wider ecosystem.

Biophilic Human Experience

Our Advancement

HBC is committed to working collaboratively with First Nations leadership as we protect the heritage of the building and revitalize the downtown core for the benefit of all.

We see this redevelopment as an opportunity for sincere and meaningful engagement with First Nations to walk a path together for a shared tomorrow.